Gary is our executive and strategic coach and through his insightful questions and recommendations, helped us explore, identify and provide with immediate action items enhancing our professional development and our Company’s performance. We worked through strategies enabling me to increase a new level of impact and success as we continue to grow and accelerate our business to achieve our vision.  I appreciate Gary’s business experience as he immediately understood our strategic priorities and had practical and actionable resolutions at hand. I highly recommend Gary as an executive advisor to any company.

Sho-Joung Kim-Wechsler
CEO and Founder

I have been fortunate to work with Gary Wohl as an Executive Coach over the past several months. Gary’s education and executive business experience, including his breadth of knowledge in the Marcom, Legal, and particularly in the A/E/C community, has been an invaluable resource to me in my career development. With Gary’s guidance, empathy and perceptivity, I believe that I have become a more effective leader and I would highly recommend Gary to anyone looking to advance their career.

Leina Zimmerman
Senior V.P./General Manager
Clune Construction Company L.P.


I had the privilege to work with Gary during his tenure as CFO of Harris & Associates. He was a resourceful and strategic leader who is passionate about business; knowledgeable about finance partnerships; widely respected; willing to take on big challenges; persistent at trying to drive the business forward; diplomatic; and ultimately highly effective. He always provided timely feedback and creative solutions while embracing an honest, transparent management style and strives to develop his directs’ skillset constantly by making them challenge their comfort zone.

Ben Wilson, P.E.
Director of Information Technology
Harris & Associates

Gary is an excellent leader. He fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork that inspired everyone to always do their best on any given assignment. Colleagues from all levels appreciated his empathy and open-door policy. I valued his mentorship and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

David Ko
Product Manager

I would like to highly recommend Coach Gary Wohl. He has the skills and heart to help you identify your vision, articulate actionable plans and support you to reach your goals.  Even as a student, Gary earned my attribution of “Best in Class” for his excellent in-class coaching session.  So yes!  Hire Coach Gary and enjoy your success!

Deaunna R. Evans, ACC, Instructor WCI
Paradise Island Business Coaching